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finance that was going on, of which the Great
War itself was scarcely more than a by-product.
It was constituted as though nothing of that sort
was occurring.
This war storm which is breaking upon us now,
due to the continued fragmentation of human
government among a patchwork of sovereign
states, is only one aspect of the general need for a
rational consolidation of human affairs. The
independent sovereign state with its perpetual
war threat, armed with the resources of modern
mechanical frightfulness, is only the most blatant
and terrifying aspect of that same want of a
coherent general control that makes overgrown,
independent, sovereign, private business organisa-
tions and combinations, socially destructive. We
should still be at the mercy of the " Napoleons '*
of commerce and the " Attilas " of finance, if
there was not a gun or a battleship or a tank or a
military uniform in the world. We should still
be sold up and dispossessed.                             <
Political federation, we have to realise, without
a concurrent economic collectivisation, is bound
to fail. The task of the peace-maker who really
desires peace in a new world, involves not
merely a political but a profound social revolu-
tion, profounder even than the revolution attemp-
ted by the Communists in Russia. The Russian